Some of the questions we get asked, hopefully, this will help!

How much space do i need?

Check the physical dimensions of the equipment you want to book, then ensure that you have at least 1m clearance on all sides, including the height. Make sure there are no trees, fences, roofs, gutters etc which may come into contact with the equipment, remembering that there will be a LOT of movement once the fun starts!

How many kids/people can use the ride at once?

This varies, depending on size and type of ride, and also on the size and weight of the intended participants. This important aspect will be explained in detail by our representative on delivery, during the mandatory safety briefing, or we can give you this information when you enquire by phone or email.

What are your hire periods?

We offer half day (4 hours or less); full day (approx 7 hours or less) or overnight rentals, the longer you take the equipment the more cost-effective it becomes!

What does the price include?

The price includes delivery (to most areas on the Sunshine Coast- we will confirm if your area is in the free delivery area during the enquiry stage), setup, a full safety briefing and pack down and removal of equipment.

What does the rental price cover?

We will deliver the equipment, set it up, make sure it is ready for use then give you a safety briefing. We will then return at the agreed time, and pack up the equipment

Is there any additional cost for travel?

Delivery is included for rentals within 30 minutes of Rosemount, rentals outside this radius may incur a nominal additional travel fee.

What happens if it rains?

Our cancellation policy is available on the site, however, if it rains during your event, we ask that you cover the castle with a tarp (supplied) to prevent excessive saturation and disconnect the blower so it can be stored out of the rain. If the rain stops then its just a matter of removing the tarp, reconnecting the blower and possibly doing a run around inside the castle with a towel. We cover this procedure in our safety briefing.